Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Cocktails of Constructional Projects For Raspberry Pi

This blog has been created to provide supporting documentation for people involved in or considering the construction of one or more projects arising from the "cocktail" series of articles published in The MagPi (Issues 10 ~ 15?) during 2013.  For each article published, there will be a blog page to contain the supporting information, principally links to photos, design documentation and program files.

You can also go directly to a spreadsheet with links to all the project design details and cocktail files by clicking here.

General instructions can be found at:


The original cocktail files concept involved the grouping together of a few project PCBs that were intended to be separated prior to assembly and use.  The concept has now been expanded to include groupings of project PCBs that are designed for conjoined use but can be separated if the constructor prefers.  Pictured (right) are release versions of InterPi (left with clock module fitted) and InterSPi (right) set up for 5V operation via the looped ICSP cable.  Connectors for InterPi's two  high-integrity I2C bus segments are at lower left.